Magic of Hamon

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“Magic is sorrow of all men turned into power to make more sorrow. "
Pelgate the Wise

Long ago, in the age of Creation. Magic was borne unto the world. It fuelled the making of many things. When the gods were done making. Magic was still there, and soon was discovered by the immortal Elves. They took this boon of the gods and used to to make their empire. They were singular in their use of it. And like all power, it corrupted them, made them merciless.

Then came men. Curious, determined and unwilling to bow to power. They, like they always do, adapted, and soon, they too were able to wield Magic. They rose to oppose the Elves. There was war.

What happened next is unknown. Lost in the shattered fire of The Great Sundering

On Hamon the use and knowledge of magic has become a source of fear and hatred. Magic is believed to be an all corrupting force, for it seems to be the origin of so much evil in the world. Despite the actions of those who wield sorcery and power for good, there are still so many that use it for evil.

For the clerics of the gods. They too feel a distance between themselves and their patrons. So silent since The Great Sundering, the gods barely listen and rarely grant major power.

To reflect this in game terms, anybody who wishes to play a spell caster class must multiclass and may only have half their current level (Rounded up) as their spell caster class. Except in very rare conditions this second class cannot be another spell casting class.

Magic of Hamon