Races of Hamon

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n the World of Hamon there are many changes away from standard D&D. Some races are removed most others are changed in some way. For any DM wishing to use this information it is all optional.

Dwarves or Holg

Dwarves on Hamon are called Holg or Earthkin. Holgs are mountain dwelling smiths however many have moved out of the mountains and settled on the surface. Not all Holgs have beards and they can be far more in tune with the Elements and Nature than previously described.


Long ago the Elves had a vast and all conquering empire. This fell in the Great Sundering. Now the Elves are a scattered and nomadic people who are universally either hated or distrusted for what it is believed they did to the world.


There are no gnomes on Hamon. A DM may wish to include Svirfneblin, but they are evil.

Goliath Mul

The Goliath or Mul (pronounced like book or pull) are a magically bred race of powerful folk. Created by the Elves long ago, they were used as labour and warriors in service of their rulers. Today they are treated as a lesser race, because they were not created by the gods but by magic which is a source of great evil.

Halflings or Tatuun

Halflings are a barbaric race of dinosaur riders. Cannibals riding Velociraptors. Highly nomadic, the Halflings or Tatuun as they prefer to be called are found all over Hamon.

Half Elves

Half Elves do not exist on Hamon. There are no cross breeds, it does not happen on this world without major magical corruption.

Half Orcs or Picts

A particularly primitive and barbaric race, Picts are taller, more powerful brutish people who enjoy blood sacrifice and cannibalism. They use the Half Orc stat blocks and abilities.


The humans are divided into 6 distinct subraces.

  • Vathar: Powerful Barbarians. Tall, muscular with dark hair and gray eyes.
  • Uma Kishu: Conquering Marauders. Black hair, eppicanthic eyes and skilled horsmen.
  • Pesch: Black skinned mariners. They have thick afro hair and powerful builds. They live for the sea.
  • Kalabar: the Mysterious Traders. Kalabar are brown skinned and dark haired. They know the sciences and are known as shrewd traders. They keep their faces masked at all times.
  • Theen: These are the dwellers of central Hamon and the most diasporic. In citiies they trade and adopt different fashions and styles. In the tribal settlements they are steeped in spiritual tradition and they paint their bodies to mark their tribe.
  • Verilia: Travelling artists. The Verillians love creative pursuits. War has an art to it as well.

Tieflings / Aasimar

There are no Tieflings or Aasimar on Hamon.

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Races of Hamon