The Gods of Hamon

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There are hundreds of gods on Hamon. Or perhaps none.
THe people pray, and for their prayers they believe they are rewarded. Clerics devote themselves and in return they are granted prayers. But if there is gods listening, they have not spoken to the mortals

There is Krom the Earth, who lives under the mountain

There is Yonkaze, the Four Winds, who lives in teh sky

There is Yamoora the Mistress of Rain.

There is Shar Ya The FIre

There is the twin brothers Chakkos and Vorgos, Torture and Slaughter, gods of the Picts.

There is Lord Tempest. The storm, son of Yonkaze and Yamoora

There is Jamush, The Father of Fate

There is Nimiana, the mistress of pain, shelterer of those that Suffer.

Helliaria, THe goddes of Beauty, Love and Fertility

Grymmo the god of punishment HE is depicted as a hulking brute with spiked knuckles and bloodied hands. He cares not for justice, but merely revels in punishing others. It is said that he would drink at the table of Chakkos and Vorgos had he not punished them so often.

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The Gods of Hamon